Tuesday, 24 February 2004

The Miserablist is Back!

Cover of "You Are The Quarry (Gatefold)"Cover of You Are The Quarry (Gatefold)

Good news to anyone who grew up in the 80s, wore black and had a pair of NHS specs. Mozza is back. After seven years, his new album "You Are The Quarry" is seeing the light of day May 17th.

It's to be-preceded by a single "Irish Blood, English Heart" which is to hit stores a week before. Both releases are being put out by Attack! Records, a subsidiary of the increasingly popular Sanctuary Records.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Mozza is playing a one-off gig in Manchester on May 22. This homecoming show is the first for the LA-based performer in 12 years and the first UK gig since his celebrated Albert Hall shows last October.

What do we have to say about this? Well, the last couple of studio albums showed the poet of a generation running out of ideas. Sales were down and his relevance was coming into question at every turn. The man who brought us essential listening like "Your Arsenal" and "Viva Hate" just didn't seem to be speaking for his generation anymore.

There's been quite a few previews of the upcoming material (most famously on the Janice Long Show on Radio 2 a few months back) and it sounds as strong as ever. Hopefully these past few years have rejuvinated the man and we can see him fighting fit once more.

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