Friday, 13 August 2004

Copy Protection gripe. Again.

Borrowed the promo for the new copy-protected SoulWax album from a colleague.

The disc is completely unlistenable. Literally.

Popped it into my CD-Rom drive. It found it, but the files were all empty. Popped it into my full-on CD player (which is actually my Sony DVD/SACD player, as I don't see the need for a superfluous device I don't need) and wouldn't work there either.

Great marketing concept this: "the music they don't want you to hear".

I understand there's a piracy concern, but my greater concern was the shunting, scraping and crunching noises coming out of my £400 DVD player as it tried in vein to find anything resembling red-book comforming audio on this disc.

So what did I do, fair reader? Just what anyone else would do. I downloaded the album off the Internet. What exactly is this copy protection protecting against anyway?
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