Monday, 6 December 2004

Cheaper music? Blame Canada!

Not that I'll ever buy anything from iTunes - just wanted to make that clear - but if I was, I gotta say I'm glad I have a Canadian billing address at my disposal.

It seems that the cheapest place on earth (or earth as defined to where iTunes have their music shops) to buy music is Canada, where Apple have decided to price their tunes at 99c Canadian. Using the powers of exchange rate mathematics, have worked out how cheap it would be to fill your iPod in Canada as compared to the rest of the world.

With a Canadian dollar currently worth around 43p in the UK, you start to realise how rediculously cheap music can be in the Great White North, eh? When whole albums are $10.00 you're looking at a heft £4.30 for the same thing that HMV is charging £16.99 for.

Now I'm not a fan or a backer or even a buyer of DRM infected crap like these iTunes files, and I don't suggest anyone else do so, but it's nice to see Canada painted so highly in a news story. We always knew music over there was cheap as chips, now we've got further proof.

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