Monday, 24 January 2005

Tsunami Gig

As I guessed, the Tsunami Relief Concert in Cardiff came and went and people are hard pressed to say who played, when they played and what they played. A far cry from the Live Aid 2005 it was billed as.

Suffice it to say, about the only thing I am sure of is the Manic Street Preachers DID play and they DIDN'T play their late 90s single Tsunami, which I guess is a good thing. Of course, the Manics of the Generation Terrorists era would have chomped at the bit to play it and be subversive, in the same way they released a song called Another Invented Disease during the AIDS epidemic.

As a footnote, the b-side to the Manics single is called Buildings for Dead People, which given what has happened, is quite eerie.

Still, word is out that Scotland are going to try their hand at the whole Live Aid 2005 thing... sorry, the Tsunami relief concert. According the NME, the lineup looks rather Scot-band heavy, as one would expect. Bands like Franz Ferdinand, Deacon Blue and Trashcan Sinatras are poised to make a forgettable appearance all in the name of charity and re-building a career. (There's only so many slots available on Celebrity Big Brother).

Link: NME's article
Link: Give to the Tsunami Relief

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