Friday, 1 July 2005

Live 8 = musical depression

The Mirror published details today about the running order and song lists for tomorrow's Hyde Park Live 8 gig.

My initial reaction? Thank the maker I'm not going to be there.

Apart from the horrid line up (Velvet Revolver? C'mon, I'd rather see the Boomtown Rats), it just smacks endemic of the problems with the British music scene. I mean, HOW MANY acts playing in London are American this time around?

The icing on the poison cake, or the bruised cheek from the slap in the face is Mariah Carey performing. Eek. At least she'll give people about 20 minutes for loo break and food buying.

Thankfully Sir Bob has made reassurances that this isn't to be considered Live Aid 2, which is good because it could only sully the good name and memory of that event.

Link: The Mirror
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