Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bob Dylan to voice... err mumble ... new GPS system

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If you're driving somewhere you've never been and you have you're relying on your trusty sat nav to get you there in one piece, who would you want to be giving you directions? Apparently Bob Dylan

Out with the clear, succinctly pronounced female voice announcing, "at the next junction, turn left", in with the "bee bobbydee goo" mumbling of the 60s troubadour.

Yes, in what has to be the worst idea ever, Bob "Incomprehensible" Dylan will be misleading the sat nav generation into brick walls, farmer's fields and down dead ends.

Dylan, himself, however, seems to understand the absurdity of the situation, telling the BBC, "I think it would be good if you are looking for directions and hear my voice saying something like: 'Left at the next street, no a right — you know what? Just go straight'."

Don't let this placate you, however, as the guardian offer this worrying observation, "His talking voice is even more peculiar. If you didn't know it was Bob Dylan speaking on the BBC, you would assume it was an actor giving an extremely bad imitation of Bob Dylan."

There have been a spate of celebrity sat nav voiceovers recently, but this has to take the cake as the one most deserved of the "april fools" moniker.

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