Monday, 29 March 2004

Frustrating Legal Downloads

Recently I won a free song in Coke's new "rot your teeth for free music" promotion. Actually, I didn't win the free song, I was at a mate's place and a lot of coke was being done. With a lot of rum. Anyway, a lot of pull tabs were up for grabs and I decided to see if the odds were actually "1 in 10" as the tins stated. For the record, it's more like "1 in 22".

Anyway, the other day I decided to log in the Coke music site and spend a penny (not worth more than that, these free tunes). I'd been in a Lost Boys mood that day - "24" overload or worry over Corey Haim's career, I couldn't tell - and I'd honed in on Charlie Sexton's 'Cry Little Sister' from the Lost Boys soundtrack as my freebie track to download.

Guess what.

Yeah. Legal downloads are great, except for two things - they're copy control infested AND there's nothing you can't get in a record store.. or in this case, there's stuff in a record store you can't get. Poor old Mr. Sexton, who hasn't had a hit in a while, won't be getting my 11p anytime soon as the only version of 'Cry Little Sister' they had available was part of that worrying trend where crap producers rape obscure and classy 80s songs and turn them into horrendous stomping trance "hits". Last week 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams, now 'Cry Little Sister'.

Looks like I'll have to buy a Britney song from MyCokeMusic as they don't seem to want to cater to the obvious market - people who want to buy music that is currently unavailable - either through deletion of original albums (Cab Voltaire's 'Code', anyone) or being on obscure promo 12"s (I'd buy DJ Hell's remix of 'West End girls' in a heartbeat).

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