Monday, 29 March 2004

Time Out interview with Duran Duran

Cover of "Big Thing"Cover of Big Thing

Having leafed through this week's Time Out, I was surprised and a little elated to see that Zodiac Mindwarp was playing a live gig in London (with or without the Love Reaction remains to be seen). £12 at the Borderline, btw.

My elation at obscure 80s cock-rockers aside, the interview with cover stars Duran Duran was actually interesting and (almost) factually correct!

Most of the press recently have been harking on about the "comeback" and the "reunion" but seem to forget that the band haven't actually broken up. Some of the more enlightened press have worked the "reunion of the original lineup" angle, but most (near all) seem to shit from a great height on any material released post the Taylor-trio member days... that's the 1981-1985 era for those playing along at home.

Time Out however, not only reversed that trend, they actually went on record saying the material between 1986 and 1990 was their strongest stuff!


I mean, fans know this - Big Thing and Notorious are permanent faves for those in the know - but what do the press know of this period? The interviewer does go on to mention that hits were few and far between (the amazing "Skin Trade" stalling at 39 for instance).

Not only are Duran Duran being reassessed in light of the 25th anniversary reunion (damn, now they've got me saying it), but the press are finally taking their heads out of their collective asses and actually letting the music do the talking - not preconceptions.

It's a perfect day.

Btw, the factual error was saying that the band were all from Birmingham except for Watford boy Simon. Truth is, Andy's from Newcastle.

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