Monday, 5 April 2004

Downloads a-go-go

"Is downloading really bad?" Today the Guardian got in on the debate, publishing a harrowingly badly-written article on whether or not the record industry is right in their prosecution of the hand that feeds them.

Quoting again the Harvard report that rather scatalogically makes the point that downloading ain't all bad, the report also pulls in quotes from industry types like Dave Rowntree, drummer for Blur and spokesman for some acronymed group noone can remember.

It's good to see that people aren't swallowing the crap pill the BPI is shovelling down our throats, and are actually fighting their claims. The only fear I still have is for the used record store. A march down Berwick Street in Soho is like a march down death row. They're not dead yet, but the final meal can't be too far behind.

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