Friday, 24 September 2004

Can You Polish A Turd?

Looks like Noel Gallagher's put his foot in it again. Not content to flap about cancelling all manner of follow-up albums to "Heathen Chemistry" (yeah, I don't know anyone who has a copy either), the monobrowed one has now come up with some reasoning to the delay.

Speaking to Sky One, he explained that the whole reason the follow up hasn't been released yet is they weren't given a release date. Huh? They've just been sitting around recording studios twiddling their thumbs waiting for a magic, arbitrary date to actually get some work done? This is how a formerly world-conquering band operates?

Fear not however as, like a plane that's been given the all-clear to land, Air Oasis now have given a release date: "May 26. We've got a release date now, which is why it's been meandering for a bit because we've not had a date to work to because we're extremely successful."

That last bit as well, "because we're extremely successful". Does he not think they've released anything since "Definitely Maybe" (cough... "Be Here Now".. cough)? The law of diminishing returns is really in full effect with this band.

He then goes on to say that the label's attitude to the new album is, "Alright, finish when you finish", which is record company parlance for "the longer you take with the sub-standard new stuff, the longer we don't have to try to sell it to the public and can concentrate on putting out 10th anniversary DVDs and such".

Looks like Gallagher has no idea how to read between the lines, it's just a pity everyone else can.

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