Monday, 29 November 2004

Band Aid

1984's Band Aid single was of a time, an era, a political climate.

2004's Band Aid is a pisstake and should be seen as such.

With the single's release today, many are glowing about how this latest stab at charity will be Christmas number One, thus making the world a safer, happier, more charitable place. That's without the media-created cat fight between Bono and that Darkness guy over who'll sing what line.

One of the numerous websites covering the non-event of today's single release interviewed an obviously overeager member of staff at HMV.

This hack purports that the new version will sell a million copies "if it captures the imagination like the original". With radio stations up and down the country banning it due to it's overwhelming duffness, I can only one form of imagination it's capturing.

He then goes on the further claim, "In 1984, people bought multiple copies to give to family and friends as presents. If the same happens this year, sales could even exceed two million."

In 1984, charity among popstars was a new thing, seeing people dying on TV was a new thing, the singles chart was a thriving entity, yada yada yada.

I am actually tempted to place a bet with William Hill that something worth being Number One at Christmas will.

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