Tuesday, 9 November 2004

U2 really REALLY want you to hear their music

It seems that U2 are going to any measure possible to get their new album heard. This coming TV season in the US, they're teaming up with CSI and The OC to air new mixes of album tracks from their Nuclear Bomb album.

"Vertigo" has already been played on CSI, and no doubt in an iTunes ad during the show, and a new mix of the track will feature on CSI's 100th episode. Meanwhile, a new mix of "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" will feature in The O.C.

According to G. Marq Roswell of 35 Sound, who supervises sound for CSI, "When a group like U2, who are so notoriously careful with licensing their music, agrees to rollout three tracks on a show like CSI, that's huge."

All I can say is thank God ITV lost the Premiership, so we don't have to suffer that God awful "Beautiful Day" track anymore.

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