Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bad Lieutenant formed from the ashes of New Order

It seems you can't keep a bad idea down.

From the ashes of the acrimonious split between Peter Hook and "the other two" from New Order, it seems a new band is rising from the ashes. Dubbed "Bad Lieutenant" (presumably after the Harvey Kietel film), the band features Bernard and Stephen alongside Blur's Alex James on bass.

If Joy Division was the sound of youth finding it's footing, and New Order was the sound of that voice growing up in its 20s, this must surely be the irrelevant voice of your dad telling you to keep it down as he wants a nap at 6pm.

I think Hooky was right to call it a day. 1993's "Republic" should have been the band's swansong (although a couple of cuts from "Waiting for the sirens call" were decent). Having said that, of all the off-shoot acts, only Electronic seem to have made any impact - and then, only their debut album.

It'll be interesting to hear what the band can put together. One of the stalwart sounds of New Order - Hooky's amazing bass playing - is now gone from the picture and it seems Bad Lieutenant are just verging into the realm of Joy Division / New Order offshoot bands that just never should have been.
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