Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

Cover of "Bad"Cover of Bad

So Michael Jackson is dead. All of a sudden 50 evenings at the O2 have been freed up.

I find it quite ironic that every media outlet today is either waxing poetic about how great he was or playing all his hits.

This time yesterday, the guy was a pop culture footnote who was using his forthcoming residency at the O2 as a last hurrah / way out of a massive tax bill.

Today, he's back to being the King of Pop, a title he really hasn't warranted since 1987's "Bad" album - the last of his trilogy of kick ass releases, which also included 1979's "Off The Wall" and 1982's "Thriller".

His music (from these three albums) and his nutty antics will be missed, but I can't help feeling that all this welling of public sadness is a little misplaced.

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