Monday, 27 July 2009

Spotify for iphone - NOW will people pay?

The internet was abuzz today with news from Spotify that they've submitted an app to Apple for approval (see below).

This is monumental news for a number of reasons - mainly that it may be the "killer app" that pushes people into becoming paying customers (as the app will only work those the £9.99/month elite). Secondly, Spotify has been seen by some as an iTunes killer, so it would be interesting to see if Apple will open it's gate to let the new kid play in its yard.

Over at Spotify's blog, they have a quick little video that will soon have you opening your wallet with your £10 at the ready. Some of the features are priceless, including the ability to play playlists offline, and to update playlists live, so that your iphone updates as you update the PC client.

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