Monday, 6 July 2009

Stone Roses box set

Stone Roses should really be one of those bands like The La's who burned out and faded away after their one shining moment in the sun.

But no.

Having released THE indie album of the 80s as their debut, they signed to Geffen and released a collective Led Zeppelin-scented dump some five years later.

Having said that, Silvertone, the label that managed to score the band's debut album, have taken great pride re-releasing the album every decade or so. I reviewed the 10th anniversary edition back in 99 and even had the review feature in Zomba's Canadian press pack.

Now, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the album, no holds are barred, as they say. A new website - - has been launched to alert the world (or at least the world that cares enough to buy yet ANOTHER copy of the damn album) about the imminent release of a wallet-emptying box set.

According to the site, the box will comprise three CDs, three vinyl albums, a DVD, a 2GB USB stick, a book and some art prints.

The art prints actually works really well for me, as guitarist/artist John Squire was the Jackson Pollack of the indie scene, and his artwork adorned all the band's early releases.

I just can't understand what material there is that would take three CDs. They're not the Beatles, there's no mono version of the album. Alas, according to the website, the three CDS comprise "the re-mastered album, re-mastered Extras (including all AA's and B Sides) PLUS album of LOST DEMOS (including one previously unheard track, Pearl Bastard)". Ah.

If the thought of all that sickens you, there's also a Deluxe Edition featuring the album and the lost demos alongside a 28 page booklet, or just the remastered album with the full length version of "Fool's Gold" tacked on at the end, just like my 1989 Canadian CD had.

I loved the album when it came out, and don't feel it's really been beaten by the musical sands of time, but I really don't know if the thought of all that Stone Roses - CDs, DVDs, vinyl, etc. - is really what I want these days... and I DO still have my 10th anniversary release.

It's a nice idea though and I commend Sony (Silvertone/Jive's new post BMG home) for compiling such a nice release.

This monster release finds its way to record shops ... ok HMV ... and all points internet-wise on August 10th for the paltry sum of around 80 quid.

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