Thursday, 29 July 2004

How true it is

While hunting around the Internet trying to justify my increased loathing of the iPod, I came across an article from the Telegraph. It's basically a tired bit of waffling about not giving into peer pressure, more than a stirring indictment of an inferior product, but one comment did ring true:

"There's a bit of software on it that allows you to give each song a 'star' rating. Soon, you end up only listening to the tracks you've awarded five stars to. Then, you start getting bored of your five-star playlist. So you end up thinking that, if you don't even like your favourite songs any more, your entire record collection must be crap. So you stop listening to your iPod altogether and switch to Radio 4 instead."

Does make you wonder what makes a favourite song "favourite" in the first place. I guess incessant repetition can make you hate just about anything.

The hunt continues for my justification of iPod hatred.

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