Tuesday, 20 July 2004

In it for the publicity

This week sees U2 looking for some publicity for their forthcoming album by claiming a CD of finished tracks was stolen from a photoshoot in southern France. Reports since value the lost CD at around $10 million.

Hmm... ever seen those actresses at movie premieres with obscenely expensive necklaces (or diamond encrusted bras)? They're only worth around $2 to $5 million and the number of bouncers and security involved is ludicrous.

Now, with the U2 CD, from various reports, it looks like The Edge left the disc in his coat or something and when the photoshoot was done, the disc wasn't there. Something of that high a value should naturally never have left ANYONE's sight... the minders, the band, the manager.

As their most recent best of glaringly pointed out, however, U2 haven't released any music of import for about a decade, so to value these lost songs at $10 million is rather conceited.

Still, let's hope Inspector Clouseau and the rest of the French police force find this missing goldmine... my guess is that it fell under the front seat of the band's car... I'm always losing crap down there too.

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